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Delivery Time:

My philosophy regarding delivery times is similar to an Indian rhetoric when asked about their craftsmanship:

"How long will it take to create this beautiful set?" asks a buyer.
— It will take as long as it needs to. the Indian replies."

"But when will I be delivered?" the interested person asks again.
— When the work is finished. the Indian answers."

My answer would be: It is difficult to give an exact timeframe as it varies depending on current orders, life's moments, and priorities. But generally, expect a delivery time of 3 weeks to sometimes over 1 month, from the time of ordering to receiving.

In this society that demands us to go faster and faster, it seems important to slow down the pace, listen to ourselves, take the time to do things carefully, work at our own pace, in order to produce quality pieces, created with Joy and Harmony in the moment.

In any case, if you are pressed for time (gift or otherwise), don't hesitate to let me know. I can also adjust my schedule to assist you as much as possible.



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Customer Connection

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Welcome in the workshop !!!
Where come true the creations in Sterling Silver, where the magic settles down...

1 - Choice of the stone, taken by the size, the realization of the sketch and preparation of the material (crowbars, pliers, tools, silver wire, blowtorches..)

2 - Hammering, folding, preparation of elements to be assembled

3 - Realization of torch weldings (1300°c)

4 - Cuts, adjustments, regulations

5 - Finishes - we begin by removing burrs then one make a more and more fine polishing to obtain the brilliant "mirror" 

6 - Crimping (setting): the stone comes to find housing in its new house

7 - And here is the ended work, he does not have more than to meet his new owner, and to reveal to him his secrets